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Some Peuple Capture my land.....by force..
Posted by :(Identity Hidden) Level :locality (Pilibhit, Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh ) Type :personal Issue Category :Civil rights

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A long time i m lived away from Pilibheet.
but my father belong from Pilibheet, his schooling from pilibheet....yesterday i m also in pilibhit...to watch our family land...nothing thair...everythig is good.but today some criminal forcely capture my land....my local relative who is caretaker...fearing from criminal....so i need help from aware CITIZEN...my relative go to police station for help and show him document...but they donot check criminals document...i m not intrested in civil suits...i want JUSTICE...i call in sp office for Fax No..person told me Fax not working...I call in sungari kotwali for fax they told me here is not fax......
I want to kill criminals..



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test purpose

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Plz it is a testing only
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true views

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Plz memtion your views
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